hey guys!  just wanted to let you all know that last night I went back and rerecorded "All For Love."  It was originally intended to be an acoustic song, but having played it electrically for the past few days, I decided that I liked it that way.  So, I completely started from square one and had my brother Chris play some drums for me.  I really like the way it turned out and I feel that it will make the Album a lot stronger.  So, having heard the way it turned out, I may be rerecording/editing a few others.  However, I will be sending out for it by the end of this week, so it won't change the release time at all.

Also, I wanted to start talking about what each song means to me.  For the next 11 days I'll be posting a bit about what each song means to me and once the album is released, it will make a little bit more sense to you.  

I'll start with "All For Love," since I was already on the subject.  This song, to me, symbolizes a lot of hardship and heartache involved in loving someone.  At its core, it talks about how sometimes you have to  push yourself so hard to be something for someone and they don't see it and end up ignoring it.  They sometimes try to change you to fit them and their needs and don't even realize that you already are giving everything you have to make it work.  Even after doing all these things, its just can't work and in the end it just isn't worth it to you at all and you have to move on.  

7/12/2012 07:46:25 pm

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